Gyeonggi MICE Alliance

Gyeonggi MICE Alliance

“Establishing a joint-marketing body for Gyeonggi MICE” A joint-marketing body that consists of organizations and companies related to the MICE industry in Gyeonggi

  • Build up ground to increase attraction and hosting of MICE in Gyeonggi
  • Promotion of fostering Gyeonggi MICE industry
Main activity
  • Composition of MICE related private cooperative community in Gyeonggi area
  • Develop cooperative promotions and marketing for MICE host-city
  • Common support of the vitalization of attracting and hosting MICE
  • Support in vitalizing efforts to attract and host MICE
  • Grow and lay the foundation of the MICE industry in Gyeonggi
  • Composition and Detailed Role
Classification Participating Organizations Role
Operating Organization Gyeonggi MICE Bureau
  • Organization and operation of Gyeonggi-do MICE Alliance
  • Recruit members located in Gyeonggi-do
  • Lead co-marketing business
  • Combined-promotion of the area
Policy Organization Gyeonggi-do
  • Administrative, financial supports, improvement of related system etc.
  • Support effective MICE marketing activities by connecting infrastructure of culture, tourism industry of Gyeonggi-do
Related org. Gyeonggi province tourism Association, chamber of commerce in the province etc.
  • Suggest MICE policy and system improvement
  • Cooperate agreed-company recruiting
Convention center (Conference hall, exhibition hall etc.)
  • Develop service program intended for organizations hosting MICE in overseas (Price discounts and special service etc.)
  • Push co-marking with strategic alliance
  • Form network, focusing specialized organization and market expansion related to community and opportunity creation
Hotel (Five-star Hotel with international conference facilities)
PCO, PEO, Event, Production agency
  • Provide price discount and services for MICE participants
Restaurants, Tourist attractions, Concert venues etc.
Shopping facilities (Department stores, underground shopping centers, traditional markets etc.)
  • What is essential-membership company?

- These are facilities that MICE hosting organizations and participants use directly, so taking part in the Alliance is necessary to improve the competitive price of the venue.

  • What is general-membership company?

- These are facilities that could be used by most MICE participants for tourism, shopping and entertainments, so taking part in the Alliance is necessary to increase attractive factors of the venue.